Note values

Note values are how we can count the beats in a bar for the time signature. if note values are not used correctly the time signature will not work and the band members will not play in time or the right notes.Image

this is a table to show all of the note values and including the linked rest notes.

the first is a whole note also known as a semibreve this is worth 4 beats

the second is a half note also known as a minim this is worth 2 beats

the third is a quarter note also known as a crotchet is worth 1 beat

the fourth is a eighth note also known as a quaver is worth 1/2 of a beat

the last is a sixteenth note also known as a semiquaver is worth 1/4 of a beat

we can tell the note by using the head, stem and tail of the note the image below this shows the were they can be located.



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