notes on a stave

the next piece of information needed when working with notes is the pitch of the note when placed on the stave. a stave is shown below this is what music is placed on so that we can work with the time signature and pitch of the note.

to work out the notes on the stave we first need to work out the clef that is at the beginning of the stave. there are to main clefs the bass and the treble. when the clef changes the notes on the stave change

the image below shows the notes that can be found on the stave for both the bass and the treble clef.

there are many different ways to remember the note pitches. for the treble clef you can use this method of “every good boy deserves football” take the first letter of each word and this gives you the notes for on the line. for the notes in the spaces use the word “FACE”


as you may already know these are not the only notes we have there are also all of the sharps and flats of these notes. when a  note is sharpened it goes up a semi tone and if it is flattened then it is lowered by a semi tone.












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